Portland Medical Negligence Assistance

If you or a loved one has been injured, or has died due to the negligence of a medical professional, it’s important to understand the laws and statutes of limitations governing medical malpractice in Oregon.  These laws often vary from state-to-state.  In addition, these laws and statutes are complex, and not easily understood by someone lacking expertise in this area.

Our Portland Medical Negligence Attorneys successfully litigate these cases to ensure that our clients receive the compensation they deserve when a health care provider inflicts harm due to carelessness, and/or negligence.

Studies indicate that over 98,000 Americans die every year due to medical negligence, and countless others experience serious and life-changing injuries during surgeries, or due to medication errors.

Unfortunately, many medical professionals, nursing homes, and hospitals refuse to acknowledge responsibility for the injuries or deaths they have caused.  Many even assist their insurance carriers in avoiding payment to their victims who have been injured, and the families of those who have died due to medical negligence.

Due to the complexity of a medical negligence case, expert testimony by another medical professional is required to substantiate that the health-care-professional failed to provide the standard of care that we pay for and everyone should rightfully expect to receive.

Savage Law Firm Portland attorneys have a team of experts to investigate and assess the accountability of the medical professional, nursing home, or hospital.

While some cases may not be litigated all the way to trial, more and more insurance companies are choosing to go to trial instead of settling out-of-court.  It is imperative for you to have someone representing you who has trial experience and a track record of litigating these cases to a financially successful outcome for you and your loved ones.

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