Testimonials for the Savage Law Firm

Read the client reviews from those that know us best - our clients! Then call us with any questions.

Read the client reviews from those that know us best – our clients! Then call us with any questions.

Bill and Carol took our case, a rather difficult one considering the extent of proof needed after suffering such extensive brain damage, yet showing little outward physical disability. Their professionalism, yet genuinely caring demeanor, meant the world to us!

This was our first experience and while stressful, to say the least, Bill and Carol stood beside us, answered every question, and truly cared about us in every way. Bill and Carol delivered through this harrowing ordeal and allowed us to move forward with our lives,and for that reason we just can’t thank them enough. Thank you Bill for taking on our case with the utmost level of profesionalism and dedication. Carol, thank you for always thinking about me during this process, your professionalism and dedication to my needs was second to none. We appreciate both of you greatly!

Tiffany and Jeff Johnson

Dear Residents of OR and WA,

In a world full of greed and uncertain times, wouldn’t it be nice to find a lawyer that you can actually depend on and trust? It is possible.

My family and I were blessed to have met The Savage Law Firm. The firm took on our case and never gave up. In fact, exceeded our expectations.

William and Carol were not your typical lawyers. We were welcomed and made to feel important. My family had nothing, and still were treated as if we were to have had it all.

They were focused, generous, loving and prompt. When you become a client, you become important, and that is proven through constant communication between lawyer and client. Let me just say, these people are true warriors of justice and cover many concerns of today’s unjust behaviors, and I would give my business back to them at the drop of a dime.

I don’t know how to thank them enough, but by being an upstanding citizen, and family man for the rest of my life. I recommend their services to anyone in the specific need.

The Savage Law Firm is the premier law firm of OR and WA,

choose them, and just know your in good hands.
– Christopher John Rivera

I don’t know if I ever told you about how I initially found you and your husband. Well, as I mentioned before, I was being told about how I should be happy and satisfied about being alive and how I didn’t have a chance in ever getting any monetary compensation from the hospital or from Geico. That I should just thank God for sparing my life and be grateful for his mercy. I was truly thankful to God. They (children) felt that my anger and continual talking about “fault” was affecting their Dad, [redacted]. Furthermore, to pursue suing the hospital was fruitless, and my case didn’t warrant any compensation.

So, I prayed to God to help me in my hour of need…. What should I do? Do I just resign myself or go forward and sue? [redacted] told me later, he was also praying to God to help me find peace and show me the way to ease my pain. I firmly believe God heard us. Because the next day I went on the internet.

I searched for hours, and visited quite a lot of web sites. When I was almost ready to give up…..I found the Savage Law Firm website. This was it! You had an office in Seattle and an office in Portland, Ore. I knew that I probably needed an attorney that was versed in the Oregon laws, (since my accident happened in Oregon) but I also needed an attorney that would be able to help me since I lived in Washington. After reading about your accomplishments and the sincerity in helping people in cases similar as mine, medical negligence…..I decided to call you. When we met in your office the next day, I knew in my heart that you would help me, and you have helped me immensely. You have made me feel worthy! Not just monetarily worthy, but worthy of your sincere acknowledgment that I had a valid case to pursue. Because, all the money in the world will not give me back my past physical life, and also, my mother. My mother needed me and I was unable to care for her in the last days of her life on earth. But, your acknowledgment, diligence, and most of all, legal expertise has given me, self worth.

You have given me hope in possibly receiving justice with our future medical negligence suit because of the delayed negligence of Sacred Hearts Hospital and staff in getting me to a capable trauma facility which I required, and was not given because of their hospital staff worrying about who was going to pay for the helicopter transportation. You gave me this hope, and I sincerely thank you with all my heart.

Thank You!

We would like to thank Mr. Bill Savage for taking our case when we felt as though no one else wanted to deal with these issues or our son. Christian’s case took nine long years with what seemed like little or no progress… It was a big waiting game. In the beginning Mr. Savage communicated with us annually to keep us informed of what was (or rather wasn’t) happening. During this time we knew Mr. Savage was working diligently to ensure our son’s voice would be heard by OHSU and all those involved. Suddenly we went from annual to weekly, sometimes daily, conversations with Mr. Savage. We began a detailed process of gathering information regarding Christian’s future needs. During this process Mr. Savage became ‘Bill and Carol’. In the midst of one of our conversations I asked him why he took our case when everyone else told us victory wasn’t possible. He replied, “What happened to Christian was just wrong.” Hearing those words made me realize that regardless of what the future entailed Christian would always be victorious.

We were in the midst of arming ourselves for war (a potential court date) when Bill called to inform us that OHSU wanted to begin mediation to settle a handful of cases, one of which was ours. At this time Bill expressed how this was a rare and positive step in our case. He took the time to explain all the in’s and out’s of the process we were about to go through. During the whole process Bill and Carol made sure that Christian’s needs were at the forefront of the settlement discussions. We had the privilege of being mediated by Federal Court Judges Velure and Hogan. We are eternally grateful for their involvement in our case. They handled a delicate situation admirably and were incredibly sweet with our children. They are worth their weight in gold! Even though Christian’s case was finally settled Bill and Carol continued to efficiently assist us by helping prepare Christian’s settlement for his future.

It is our greatest hope that what he received will give him the best quality of life possible. We have been very fortunate to have some of the best people involved in Christian’s life so far. We hope this continues! In our hearts we hope and pray that this will never happen to another. But if it does, it’s nice to know that there are guardians out there defending the weak and giving a voice to those who are voiceless.

Sincerely Yours,
Tiffany Wright

I cannot say enough about how thankful I am for Bill and Carol’s legal counsel. They were there for me throughout the entire process of settling a personal injury claim. Whenever I had questions or concerns they were promptly answered. Not only were they amazing to work with, but their staff is just as compassionate as they are. I truly felt that after all I had been through; I finally had an advocate that cared what I was going through, and would do whatever they could to make it right. I would not hesitate a moment to recommend them to any of my family and friends. -C.B.

My family and I really do appreciate all the help you and your staff gave me on all facets of dealing with the settlement of my car injury accident case. In particular, your wisdom, advice and technical assistance were invaluable in calming my fears, in simplifying the legal complexities of this upsetting event, and ultimately seeing me through the settlement process to a positive end. -M.G