December 1, 2010

A victim injured in a deadly April bus crash in downtown Portland is suing TriMet. A father of one of the two women killed is also one of the plaintiffs in the $20 million lawsuit.

The two filed a wrongful death and personal injury lawsuit against TriMet, the bus driver and the manufacturer of the bus.

KGW-TV reports that the victim pressing the suit was injured when the bus slammed into five pedestrians as they were crossing Broadway Ave. at Northwest Glisan St.

His girlfriend was killed in the crash. Her father is the other plaintiff in the suit.

No criminal charges were filed against the driver, who was fired months after the accident by TriMet, the public transportation authority. At the time, TriMet stated the pedestrian collision was “preventable.”

Just before midnight on April 24, the driver was attempting a left-hand turn onto Broadway across two lanes after making an unscheduled stop.

TriMet ruled that the driver didn’t yield the right of way to the pedestrians. The driver received a number of traffic citations but no criminal charges.

After the crash, TriMet commissioned an independent study of its safety record, rules and procedures. The review’s findings were that while TriMet is a leader in many areas of protecting the safety of riders and pedestrians, its training of its drivers is “haphazard.”

TriMet has implemented a number of changes since the collision, including forbidding drivers from making unscheduled courtesy stops. The driver of the bus in the fatal crash had made just such a stop, letting off the only passenger before attempting the turn that killed two people.

Source: KGW-TV: ”Deadly crash survivor & relative sue TriMet for $20 million”: December 8, 2010


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