Although Segway vehicles are not as popular as motorcycles, riders are still vulnerable because they lack the protection of a car body around them. Cities like Portland are replete with Segway tours, which allow visitors to see landmarks without exhausting walks. It is for this reason that drivers need to remember to pay particular attention when operating vehicles in urban environments. Otherwise, severe injury, includingbrain injury, could result, such as those sustained by two women a year ago.

On May 16, 2011, two women were hit by a car while riding their Segways. The women were riding along the side of the street when a driver lost control of his vehicle; the vehicle jumped the curb and struck both women, according to official reports. One of the victims spent time in a coma with a brain injury and shattered vertebra.

Despite her injuries, she decided to mark the first anniversary of the accident with a happy occasion: she will be getting married. The woman’s fiancé proposed to her while she was still in the hospital and using a feeding tube, she said.

The woman is still recovering from her injuries here in Portland, but she was thrilled to plan her wedding. Wedding planning is difficult enough for most couples, but with the woman recovering from such severe injuries, preparing for the celebration took on a new level of stress. Regardless of all the challenges, though, the couple says they are excited that they chose such a significant day to mark both the woman’s recovery and the start of their future life together.

Source: 9News Denver, “Couple marks tragic anniversary with joyful wedding,” May 16, 2012