Submitting an injury claim does not automatically mean that you will have to appear in court and testify; however, there may be a time when you do.

Most claims are resolved outside the courtroom simply because insurance companies do not desire to take a chance with a jury’s decision in an injury claim.

However, if the insurance company has thoroughly investigated the case, and believe they can confirm they are in the right, then they are more likely to move forward with their case being litigated in a court room before a group of jurors.  Whether or not your claim will go to court depends upon how strong they believe their case to be.  Even so, this in no way guarantees them a verdict in their favor, and you should not be intimidated by this event.

Court Room Advocate for Your Injury Claim

If your case does wind up in court, your personal injury attorney will have access to expert witnesses, and medical records defending your injuries, and you will have an opportunity to testify regarding those injuries and how your life, and possibly, your family’s lives, have been affected.  Savage Law personal injury attorneys, have a strong history of being highly respected, ethical, and professional.  Insurance companies, judges, and opposing attorneys, hold them in high regard and understand they do not represent clients with frivolous lawsuits.

Again, most cases are settled outside of court simply because of the risks associated with pursuing it through the courts system.

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