In many personal injury cases, jurors may not be able to thoroughly understand the seriousness or extent of the personal injuries presented in a specific case.  Without the testimony of a physician or physical therapist, etc., the jury, and/or judge only have the testimony of someone they may consider to be simply speculating about the outcome or the extent of the injuries.

An expert witness will help analyze the extent of the injuries, the reasons as to why they occurred, and the timeframe it may take for the injured person to completely recover, if it is likely the injured person will ever recover.  A more comprehensive understanding of the injuries incurred is one of the main reasons Savage Law Firm relies heavily upon the testimony of expert witnesses to assist the jury and the judge in reaching a conclusion for your case.

An expert witness can disseminate invaluable information based upon their education and experience in treating a patient who has sustained personal injuries of that nature.

Types of Expert Witnesses

Many factors are considered in personal injury cases brought before the court, and often include the testimony of:

  • Physicians
  • Risk management experts
  • Physical therapists
  • Engineering experts (concerning roadway conditions, etc.)
  • Coroners (in wrongful death lawsuits)

Savage Law Firm and Personal Injury Claims

To ensure the best possible financial compensation for our clients, Savage Law Firm is known for hiring expert witnesses who provide highly respected opinions in their areas of expertise.

If you are considering a personal injury lawsuit, contact Savage Law Firm today for a free consultation.