An alarming report was released late in 2012 of a large hospital chain in Florida performing unnecessary cardiac surgeries. Portland, WA patients and patients across the United States would like to believe that when a doctor recommends heart surgery, the patient actually needs heart surgery. Unfortunately, with changes in insurance, some doctors are going to unethical lengths to profit more.

There are many other reports of operations being performed on the incorrect limb or wrong side of a patient. Even some data shows that medical procedures were completed on the incorrect patient. When reports call something that medical staff did wrong or negligent, what are the next steps you should take?

Four Critical Steps in Filing a Portland Medical Negligence Claim

  1. Contact a Portland Medical Negligence Attorney. The Savage Law Firm team can diligently review your claim and determine if you have a medical negligence claim.
  2. Gather all necessary documentation for your claim. Medical records, doctors’ reports and medical bills need to be included in your file. Always ask for a copy of all results from medical testing. The more information you can provide, the better we can build your case.
  3. Your attorney needs to know every detail of your negligent medical procedure. Discuss everything candidly with your law team. Each detail helps determine how much financial compensation you should seek.
  4. Get a medical expert’s report for testimony. A medical expert is usually defined as a doctor with many years of specializing in that specific field. The report needs to detail the injuries suffered, the negligence and the required follow-up care to right the wrong.

Doctors and hospitals, along with their insurance companies, will resist a medical negligence claim to the fullest extent. Enlisting the help of an expert Medical Negligence Attorney will greatly increase your ability to win a settlement. Contact The Savage Law Firm today for a free consultation.