When Dangerous Roads Cause Car Accident (Part 2)

March 26, 2014

Picking up from When Dangerous Roads Cause Car Accident (Part 1)¸ here, we will continue discussing how car accident victims may be able to get compensation for their injuries and losses when road conditions have caused or played even a partial role in causing traffic accidents. While the first part of this blog was focused on laying out some specific examples of roadway dangers that commonly contribute to car accidents, here in the second part of this blog, we will point out the parties that may be to blame when such factors are involved in collisions.

City government agencies or even construction companies may be to blame when dangerous roads cause car accidents, and we can help victims get compensation.

City government agencies or even construction companies may be to blame when dangerous roads cause car accidents, and we can help victims get compensation.

Dangerous Road Conditions: Who’s to Blame?

Any combination of the following parties may be named liable in car accident lawsuits and, as a result, may be responsible for paying victims compensation:

  • City or county government agencies – These parties may be to blame when they fail to properly maintain, clean up or otherwise keep roads safe. For instance, if roadways are long overdue for repaving and/or if there are objects or wreckage from other accidents cluttering the public road, the city or county government agency (like, for instance, divisions of the Department of Transportation) may be held liable for endangering the lives of motorists.
  • Private agencies – If dangerous road conditions cause accidents on private roads, such as the roads owned by a homeowners’ association, a country club, etc., then the agency or company who owns these roads and has failed to keep them safe for motorists can be named as a defendant in a car accident lawsuit.
  • Construction companies – These entities may be to blame when dangerous roads cause car accidents if they have:
    • Failed to properly or safely set up construction sites on or near roadways
    • Failed to clearly mark detours or closed roads when work is being done on a road
    • Not properly built a roadway (because, for instance, they did not follow design specifications).

Keep in mind that other parties can also be responsible for causing dangerous road conditions that may contribute to car accidents and that our lawyers can help identify and go after any (and all) such negligent parties.

Let’s Talk about Your Rights: Portland & Seattle Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been involved in a traffic accident that may have been caused – even in part – by dangerous road conditions, the Portland car accident attorneys at the Savage Law Firm welcome you to learn more about your rights and case by setting up a free, no obligations initial consult. We represent clients in Oregon and Washington from our offices in Portland and Seattle, and we have been dedicated to advocating the rights of the injured for more than three decades.

While one of our primary goals is to help each of our clients recover from the financial setbacks caused by car accidents (so they can get the medical care they need), we are also committed to working tirelessly to help our clients resolve their cases as beneficially and efficiently as possible.

To learn more about our legal services and what we can do for you, call us at 503-222-0200 (in Portland) or at 206-957-7272 (in Seattle). You can also email us using the form on this page.

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