Suffering a personal injury due to another’s neglect cannot only leave you with pain and medical bills, it can also cause considerable confusion on the necessary steps you need to take to get paid the money you are owed. A Portland Personal Injury Attorney at Savage Law Firm can guide you through the myriad of steps and file a competent and comprehensive personal injury claim that will help you receive the best settlement possible.

Following is three of the major benefits you will experience when seeking counsel from Savage Law Firm:

  1. Insurance companies may try to offer you far less than you are owed or may attempt to have you make a statement that could potentially release them of part or all of their liability. Bill Savage will not allow an insurance representative to mishandle your claim.
  2. A Portland Personal Injury Lawyer can help you determine all parties that may be liable for your injuries. If your injury occurred from someone on the job, such as a truck driver, the driver, the truck company and the loading company may all hold some liability for your accident. Do not assume that there is only one responsible party.
  3. Savage Law Firm will assess all damages for your injuries. This includes medical bills, surgical bills, possible future surgeries, rehabilitation charges, medical equipment expenses, lost wages, loss of ability to perform the same line of work, loss of lifestyle, pain and suffering. While some areas are relatively easy to assign a monetary amount to, others are quite ambiguous. Our skilled personal injury team at Savage Law will utilize the best resources to recover the largest settlement for you.

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