Today Is National Young Worker Safety Day

June 23, 2015

Today, regulators at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are commemorating National Young Worker Safety Day to remind young workers that:

  • They have the same rights as more experienced workers.
  • Their employers are responsible for providing them with a safe workplace.
  • There are some specific safety risks that they could face at work this summer – and understanding these risks can help them stay safe and reduce their risk of being hurt on the job.

Statistics Reveal Serious Risks to Young Workers’ Safety

For National Young Worker Safety Day, here are some stats on how often young workers are injured on the job, our Portland workers compensation lawyers explain.

For National Young Worker Safety Day, here are some stats on how often young workers are injured on the job, our Portland workers compensation lawyers explain.

Highlighting the importance of supporting National Young Worker Safety Day, OSHA has presented the following statistics:

  • In 2013, the most recent year for which complete data are currently available, 335 young workers were killed while working.
  • Every 9 or so minutes in the U.S., a worker younger than 20 gets hurt at work.
  • Workers younger than 25 are two times more likely than older workers to get hurt while working.

Avoid Injuries by Being Aware of These Hazards, OSHA Tells Young Workers

To avoid becoming one of these terrible statistics, OSHA has highlighted the three most common hazards that young workers face on the job. These include:

  1. Heat illnesses – Given that most younger workers are only employed in the summer (when school’s out), the risk of heat illness is important to understand, particularly for those working outdoors. Specifically, OSHA is reminding young workers that, to reduce their risk of developing a heat illness while working this summer, remember, “that ‘Water, Rest, Shade’ are three words that can make the difference between life and death.”
  2. Exposure to pesticides and/or injuries from lawn equipment – Although this risk may be more specific to those who work in landscaping for their summer jobs, it’s still important to note, and OSHA has developed a special safety guide for these workers/issues.
  3. Falling – Falls are one of the leading causes of brain injuries and workplace injuries in the U.S. For workers who will be working in construction or other industries that require them to be on ladders (or do work in high places), it’s important to get fall prevention training to reduce the risk of a potentially life-threatening falling accident.

OSHA goes on to explain that it’s “goal is to make sure that each young person’s first job is just the beginning of a long, safe and healthy working career… You can help, too, by spreading the word to your friends, family and other students that young workers have rights.”

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