TBIs and Professional Sports: NFL & NHL TBI Lawsuits (Pt. 2)

May 26, 2014

Continuing from TBIs and Professional Sports: NFL & NHL TBI Lawsuits (Pt. 1), here we will continue to take a look at how former professional football and hockey players are standing up to these deep-pocketed leagues to try to hold them accountable for their roles in contributing to players’ brain injuries.

While the first part of this blog looked at the allegations generally associated with TBI lawsuits filed against the NFL and the NHL, below we will delve into some of the specific brain injury litigation pending against these two leagues.

NFL Brain Injury Lawsuits

Negotiations in NFL and NHL brain injury lawsuits have been contentions, as the deep-pocketed leagues seem intent on defending themselves.

Negotiations in NFL and NHL brain injury lawsuits have been contentions, as the deep-pocketed leagues seem intent on defending themselves.

The public attention surrounding the NFL brain injury lawsuits surged in August 2013 when the NFL offered a settlement to the approximately 4,000 former players who had filed TBI lawsuits against the league. At that time, the NFL’s settlement offer was for about $760 million.

Judge Anita Brody who has been presiding over these cases struck down the offer in January 2014, stating that she was not satisfied that this offer is sufficient to properly compensate the plaintiffs – especially in light of the facts that:

  • This offer had been proposed to cover players who have yet to suffer brain injuries.
  • Insufficient financial documentation of the settlement structure was provided by the NFL to Judge Brody.

As a number of NFL brain injury lawsuits continue to be filed against the league, the only thing that is certain is that the multi-billion dollar NFL will continue to fight these cases and try to undercut settlements to injured former players.

NHL Brain Injury Lawsuits

While NHL brain injury lawsuits have not been as highly publicized as the NFL brain injury lawsuits, they are, nevertheless, gaining more and more attention, particularly as multiple former players file an increasing number of cases against the league. Like the NFL, however, the NHL seems poised to aggressively challenge these claims, as the NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly has expressed his intent to fight the allegations filed against the league.

As Daly has stated, “we are completely satisfied with our record on player safety, including as it relates to head injuries and brain trauma… we do not believe the new complaint provides any valid basis for liability or damages as against the National Hockey League, and we intend to defend the case and others that may follow it vigorously.”

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