Summer Safety Tips for Drivers

September 1, 2013

Summer inherently provides more opportunities for people to drive across the country on vacation or to visit friends and family.  Many families save vacation time and their money for these travel events, and with a few simple precautions, they are more likely to remain safe and free from accidents.

Savage Law Firm has helped many victims of personal injuries suffered in car accidents that occurred during a family trip. Some summer safety tips every driver should consider to ensure they and their families remain free of personal injuries include:

  • Have your car thoroughly checked out by a reliable mechanic before starting out on a trip.  Have a mechanic check your tires for wear and the tire pressure; check the belts, oil, power-steering fluid, transmission, brakes, air-conditioner, battery, etc.
  • Always make sure all drivers are well-rested.  Sleep deprivation causes as many accidents as a person driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Be alert for roadway hazards such as remnants of tires from eighteen-wheel trucks, boxes, or pieces of glass or metal, etc., and have a plan of action in mind should you encounter one of these.
  • Refuse to text or view texts while driving.
  • Avoid using the cell phone for any reason unless you can pull over in a safe area.
  • Do not attempt to read a map while driving; allow one of your passengers to be your navigator.  Otherwise, pull over to a safe area.
  • Stay hydrated to avoid becoming drowsy while driving.
  • Stop every two to three hours at a rest stop or other safe area to walk around and exercise your legs.
  • Do not allow passengers to distract you by taking your eyes off the roadway while you’re driving.

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