The Portland day care sex abuse attorneys at the Savage Law Firm are skilled at helping child sex abuse survivors’ obtain the justice they deserve.

The Portland day care sex abuse attorneys at the Savage Law Firm are skilled at helping child sex abuse survivors’ obtain the justice they deserve.

Sexual Abuse in Day Care Facilities

Millions of American parents rely on day care services to take care of their children as they complete their work days. Despite the fact that many day cares offer safe, educational and stimulating environments for children, unfortunately, some day cares have been infiltrated by sexual predators who are intent on victimizing and sexually abusing children. 

When children are sexually abused by the staff at day care centers, it’s crucial that parents:

  • Report the abuse to police and pursue criminal action against the abuser(s).
  • Get their children the physical and psychological treatments they may need.
  • Pursue justice in civil court by filing a sexual abuse lawsuit against the abuser(s) and any organization(s) that may have enabled or protected the abuser(s).

Signs of Day Care Sexual Abuse

While sexual abuse at the hands of a teacher or staff member of a day care center can take many different forms, some of the more common manifestations of this type of abuse can include:

  • Coercing or forcing a child to engage in sexual activities
  • Exposing oneself to children
  • Inappropriately touching children
  • Watching children undress or use the bathroom
  • Forcing children to look at pornographic photos or movies
  • Forcing children to participate in pornographic photos or movies.

It’s important to point out that, when very small children are the targets of such abuse, they may have a difficult time knowing or explaining that they were abused. As a result, parents should be aware of some of the more common signs of child sexual abuse, which can include (but are not limited to):

  • Nightmares, sleeping problems and/or bedwetting
  • Inappropriate sexual play with toys or objects
  • Mood swings, sudden changes in personality and/or becoming unusually withdrawn
  • Significant weight loss or changes in eating habits
  • Using new words for body parts and/or talking about a new older friend.

If a child starts displaying possible signs of sexual abuse, it’s time for parents to start asking questions and getting to the bottom of what could be causing such dramatic changes in their child’s behavior. If the answer ends up being that a day care teacher or any other adult has been sexually abusing the child, then parents can turn to the Portland day care sex abuse attorneys at the Savage Law Firm to seek justice for their children.

The Portland Child Sex Abuse Lawyers at the Savage Law Firm

For more than 30 years, the Portland child sex abuse attorneys at the Savage Law Firm have been devoted to defending the rights of survivors of child sex abuse and holding the abusers accountable for their heinous actions. We know how devastating and lasting the effects of childhood sexual abuse can be, and we are committed to:

  • Helping abuse survivors confront their abusers both inside and outside of court
  • Providing them with respect and the highest quality legal services
  • Helping them obtain the highest possible compensation and the best possible resolutions to their cases.

Although our lawyers understand that no amount of money can ever make up for childhood sexual abuse, we also know that helping abuse survivors obtain compensation from their abusers can be crucial to helping them get the treatments they may need to deal with the psychological damage caused by the abuse.

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