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Were You a Victim of Sex Abuse or Assault?

  • Sex Abuse and Crime Victims are often the “silent victims” in our society.
  • 1 out of every 6 women will experience some form of sex abuse in their lifetime.
  • Sex abuse causes serious lifelong mental, emotional and often physical disability.
  • We have been successful in recovering substantial damages for sex abuse and crime victims in cases against public figures, sports personalities, private individuals, and state and local governments.
  • Prosecutors in criminal cases do not fully understand the remedies available to crime and sex abuse victims.

If you were the victim of sexual abuse as a child, or the recent victim of assault, you are entitled to seek compensation for the physical and psychological injuries that have changed your life.

Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Claims

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has established a trust fund to compensate the many survivors of child sexual abuse at the hands of those involved with the organization.

The deadline to file a Boy Scout sexual abuse claim is November 16, 2020, at 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

Do I Have a Boy Scout Sex Abuse Claim?

No matter how long ago the alleged abuse occurred, you may have a claim. In fact, eligible claims can cover:

  • Sexual abuse that was committed by various parties: Claims can cover sexual abuse and molestation committed by troop leaders, volunteers, camp counselors, and even other scouts.
  • Sexual abuse that occurred in various settings: Activities with the BSA took scouts through various settings, including corporate, research, public, and industrial settings with unvetted and unsupervised adults. Any acts of sexual abuse that occurred in any of these settings could qualify as grounds for a Boy Scouts sex abuse claim.
  • Sexual abuse that occurred with various BSA organizations: Claims can include acts that occurred while you were participating in Cub Scouting (for grades K-5); Scouts BSA (for ages 11 to 17); and Venturing, Exploring, and Sea Scouting (ages 14 to 20).

Will My Name Remain Private if I File a Boy Scout Sex Abuse Claim?

Yes, claims filed through the confidential protocol will remain private and out of public record. Once filed:

  • These claims will only be accessible to the Delaware Bankruptcy Court officials handling the case, including the attorneys for the parties involved.
  • Claims that are part of the bankruptcy case will be “creditors” of the bankruptcy case. As such, the timeline for resolution will depend on the bankruptcy case and court.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me with a Boy Scout Sex Abuse Claim?

Filing a claim through the bankruptcy court may be just one option for seeking justice and financial recovery. An attorney can help you determine all of your legal options, so you can pursue the best one(s).

Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to file claims against individual Boy Scout councils and/or others.

With a lawyer in your corner, you can make strategic choices to support your needs and goals while protecting your rights. You can also get experienced help with every aspect of your claim, positioning it for the best possible resolution.

Don’t miss the deadline to file a Boy Scouts sexual abuse claim. Find out if you have a claim in a free, confidential consultation. Call (503) 549-4691 or email Savage Law now.


Reviewing Child Sexual Abuse Material Reporting Functions on Popular Platforms

Millions of images of child sexual abuse circulate freely on the internet each day, not only in obscure corners of the dark web, but also on some of the most popular web platforms. The Canadian Centre’s research found most web platforms lack content reporting functions specific to child sexual abuse material (CSAM), often leaving victims feeling hopeless in their efforts to get their own abusive material removed.

An Open Letter to the Technology Industry

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has issued a call to Big Tech to protect our children.  End to end encryption can shield online predators from detection by law enforcement.  Privacy at all costs is not worth it when our children’s safety is at stake.

Over two years, Project Arachnid has flagged 10 million images of suspected child pornography

The self-described pedophile, under a veil of online anonymity, reached out to his community for wisdom.

In a message posted last month to a chat forum hosted in a dark corner of the internet where images of exploited children are routinely shared, the author issued a call to action: a “pedo plan” for grooming and sexually abusing young girls this summer “while their parents will be at work.”