Serious Portland Car Accident Results in Traumatic Injuries for Pedestrian

May 6, 2014

A Portland man is currently fighting for his life after sustaining traumatic injuries caused by a car accident that occurred early this morning. According to Portland law enforcement officials, the accident took place at approximately 4:30 am at 113th Avenue and Southeast Division Street. Traffic this morning on Division Street has been redirected through alternate routes as investigators continue to look into whether any type of negligence may have been involved in causing this collision.

Investigators are still looking into whether negligence may have been involved in a car accident that caused a pedestrian to sustain traumatic injuries this morning.

Investigators are still looking into whether negligence may have been involved in a car accident that caused a pedestrian to sustain traumatic injuries this morning.

Was Negligence Involved?

Although investigators have not yet disclosed the suspected causes of this accident or the precise nature of the pedestrian’s injuries, it’s possible that, as more evidence comes to light in this case, they may find that any combination of the follow factors contributed to this car versus pedestrian accident:

  • Driver negligence – This may be the case if the driver was drunk, under the influence of drugs, distracted and/or fatigued at the time of the accident. Given that this collision occurred at 4:30 am, there is a significant likelihood that fatigued or intoxicated driving may have been involved.Additionally, driver negligence may have contributed to this accident if the driver was speeding, ran a red light or otherwise failed to obey traffic laws in the course of causing this accident.
  • Pedestrian negligence – Although drivers are generally required to give pedestrians the right-of-way, it’s possible that pedestrian negligence (like, for instance, jaywalking, especially in areas where there are no crosswalks) may have been a factor in this accident.Whether the point of collision was specifically at the intersection or whether it may have occurred in a location without a crosswalk will be critical to determining whether pedestrian negligence may have played a role in this accident.
  • Other negligence – If investigators find that the intersection signals were not working properly, that there wasn’t sufficient overhead lighting for nighttime drivers to see pedestrians or that other dangerous roadway conditions may have contributed to the accident, it may be possible for the city or county to be held accountable for compensating the injured pedestrian in this accident.

In cases like these, it’s crucial that injured people speak with an experienced car accident attorney to find out if they may have a claim to compensation for their medical bills, injuries and other losses.

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