Every day, children are injured in school bus accidents. Some of these accidents are unavoidable while other school bus accidents can be avoided. School bus drivers need to follow all safety procedures to minimize the possibility of an accident. In addition, there are safety tips for the whole family for behavior in and around school busses, including:

  • Do not step into the roadway until the bus has made a complete stop. A small child or even a grown adult may not be visible due to the many blind spots in a bus.
  • Prior to stepping off of a school bus, check for other cars that may not be stopping for the bus even though the law requires all vehicles to stop for school busses.
  • Remain seated while the bus is in motion and face the front of the bus. The seats of school busses are reinforced to add safety if the bus does become involved in a wreck.
  • Never reach under a bus if something falls beneath the school bus. Ask the driver to get the item or wait for the school bus to leave before you attempt to get it.
  • Always follow the bus driver’s rules. A school bus driver may get distracted if the students are loud or out of control.

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