Savage Law Firm specializes in Portland car accident lawsuits.  Our firm is well-known and highly respected in the insurance and defense team legal arenas for representing our clients who have been seriously injured, or have lost loved ones in a car accident due to the carelessness or neglect of someone else.  They fully understand that while we will make an effort to avoid taking them to court by attempting to negotiate a fair and just settlement for our clients, we are determined and tenacious when facing our opponents in a courtroom to ensure that our clients are awarded the compensation they deserve for their loss.

Portland Car Accident Lawsuit

Most individuals are unfamiliar with navigating through insurance paperwork and the court system due to the fact that these areas are outside of their everyday lives.  Savage Law Firm car accident lawyers are considered experts in these areas, and have many years of proven and successful experience.

It is imperative for those injured in car accidents to understand the importance of seeking the advice of their attorney before they talk with an insurance adjuster or any insurance representative.  In most cases, insurance representatives, and/or adjusters simply want to be able to resolve their cases within the shortest timeframe possible, and in doing so they may save their employer thousands to millions of dollars.  We cannot place enough emphasis upon the importance of using caution when talking with any insurance representative.  We highly recommend that you contact your attorney first.

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If you or a loved one has been involved in a Portland car accident involving a personal injury, or a wrongful death, contact a Savage Law Firm personal injury attorney today.