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The Portland workplace injury attorneys at the Savage Law Firm are devoted to standing up for injured workers’ rights to compensation for their workplace injuries.

The Portland workplace injury attorneys at the Savage Law Firm are devoted to standing up for injured workers’ rights to compensation for their workplace injuries.

Although employers are responsible for providing their employees with safe work environments, unfortunately, workplace accidents happen all too often and, in many cases, cause employees to suffer injuries that may:

  • Require expensive and extensive medical care
  • Prevent them from being able to return to work for months (or, in the worst cases, for years)
  • Cause them some serious financial burdens, as the combination of medical bills and little to no income may cause them to go into debt.

At the Savage Law Firm, our Portland workplace injury lawyers are here for workers after they injured on the job, and we are skilled at:

  • Defending their rights both inside and outside of the courtroom
  • Helping them stand up to insurance companies and others who may be trying to limit the compensation they deserve
  • Helping them resolve their claims as efficiently and beneficially as possible so they can focus on their recovery.

Common Workplace Injuries and Actions

Maritime Injuries and Jones Act Claims

Among the workers we are experienced at representing include injured maritime workers. In fact, we have more than 30 years of experience helping injured seamen gain the compensation they deserve under the Jones Act (which is an extension of FELA).

Because the Jones Act has some very specific stipulations – and because employers have their own skilled attorneys who will be intent on trying to help employers get out of having to pay for workers’ injuries and losses, it’s crucial that injured maritime workers trust their cases to the respected Portland Jones Act lawyers at the Savage Law Firm for the best chances of obtaining the full amount of compensation to which they are entitled.

Railroad Injuries and FELA Claims

Like the maritime industry, the railroad industry is notorious for being dangerous for workers, and thousands of railroad employees tragically suffer serious injuries each year while they are working. While the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) is intended to protect injured railroad employees if or when they are injured on the job, proving these claims can be challenging, especially considering the fact that railroad companies have claims agents who will be focused on trying to put 100 percent of the blame for the accident on the injured worker (in an attempt to alleviate the employer’s obligation to having to pay the worker for his injuries).

In such cases, the Portland FELA claims lawyers at the Savage Law Firm are here to stand up for injured railroad workers’ rights. We can help these injured workers build the strongest possible cases and get them on track to obtaining the settlements they deserve.

Compensation for Construction Injuries

When a construction company’s negligence has contributed to a workplace injury, injured construction workers will generally be entitled to compensation, and they will have the best chances of obtaining it by working with our Portland lawyers. At the Savage Law Firm, we are experienced at proving negligence in construction accidents, and we are committed to standing up to corporate lawyers and insurers to help injured workers get the settlements they need so they can focus on getting better.

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