When parents purchase toys for their children, they should feel reasonably safe with their child playing with that toy. There are industry regulations to ensure that toys meet safety guidelines; however, manufacturers and producers often neglect to stay within these mandates in order to increase their profit. Products made outside of the United States present an even higher risk. A Portland Product Liability specialist at Savage Law can assist in recovering damages if your child has fallen prey to a dangerous toy.

How Do You Know if You Own a Dangerous Toy?

Fortunately, one of the main ways to keep up with toys that have been placed on a danger list or have been recalled is to look at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website. This government agency is responsible for tracking recalls on all dangerous consumer products, including toys. The CPSC keeps a list of the “most wanted” recalls which is useful in determining the most dangerous items on the market.

Toy companies generally keep an accurate list of toys that have proven to be dangerous once they make it to the general public. It may seem somewhat ironic that the company selling the toy would want to admit that it had to be recalled, but most toy manufacturers are eager to let the public know about potential dangers because they want to avoid bad press and civil litigation. In addition, toy retail companies often have public notices about toys that have been recalled.

A Dangerous Toy Has Harmed Your Child, Now What?

Unfortunately, even with systems in place to manufacture safe toys and additional lines of communication to notify parents of recalls, unsafe toys can still find their way into your home. If your child suffers injury or illness by a toy that should be bringing them joy, you may be asking what you should do.

Your first instinct may be to throw away the dangerous toy. It is imperative that you place the toy in a zipped back and place it out of reach of your injured or sick child. Seek emergency medical help if necessary.

If your child has suffered from a major injury or illness due to a recalled or unsafe toy, contact a Portland Product Liability Attorney at Savage Law Firm. Bill Savage serves clients in Washington and Oregon and knows how to seek the justice you deserve.