Determining Long-Term Effects from Personal Injury

Personal injury law is complex in determining:

  • Liability
  • Extent of your injuries
  • Whether you are entitled to damages from negligence, assault, auto accidents, or defective products, etc.

We work with professional experts in factual and technical issues surrounding your specific case. Savage Law Firm has the experience and expertise to determine if you have a legitimate Oregon Injury claim even if you may be partially responsible for your injuries. Our law firm can also provide you with expertise in determining the long-term vocational impact of your injuries, in addition to analyzing defects in the car, or roadway, and reconstructing the accident.

We work with you as advocates to pursue the compensation you deserve for yourself and your family.  We believe in advocating for your rights in a successful resolution of your claim with a financial amount that will provide your family with the monetary resources you need.

Our Oregon Injury Lawyers understand the financial and emotional toll that personal injuries can cause, and we are passionate about helping our Portland clients recover emotionally, physically, and financially.

We also understand how tempting it may be to agree to a fast resolution by accepting a quick cash settlement, but we will advise you if it would be in your best interest to wait for a better settlement offer. Personal injuries often have extended and life-changing effects not only for the person injured, but on their families, as well.

Our law firm handles personal injury cases on a contingency basis; if we do not have a successful outcome in winning your case, you will not be charged a legal fee.

Contact our Portland Firm’s Personal Injury experts today for a free consultation.