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Nurses are among the most respected professionals in our nation. When we go to a medical clinic or hospital to receive care, we trust them to handle most of the administrative and hour-to-hour medical care. As licensed professionals, they are supposed to have the training and skill to ensure our safe care and treatment.

At the Savage Law Firm, we have a tremendous respect for nurses who staff our hospitals and clinics in Portland and surrounding communities. Unfortunately, when a nurse makes a mistake because of negligence, a catastrophic or life-threatening injury can result. If you have suffered an injury, whether from medication errors or infections from unsterile needles and equipment, talk to a Portland medical malpractice attorney at the Savage Law Firm right away.

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A Claim Against the Nurse or the Hospital?

Sometimes, what seems like a possible claim for nurse negligence can often be the result of hospital negligence or doctor error. Nurses are under strict requirements to follow the letter of the treatment plan for their patients. But if a hospital understaffs a floor or fails to follow procedures regarding records, patients’ medication needs and treatment plans, the hospital may be held liable for your settlement.

Have you suffered an injury resulting from any of these common nurse or hospital errors?

  • Dehydration or malnutrition
  • Hospital infections from unsanitary conditions
  • Bedsores or pressure ulcers
  • Medication errors
  • Records and treatment chart errors

From Our Offices in Portland, We Represent Clients Throughout Western Oregon

Our team works with highly respected independent medical experts to establish the medical issues related to expected levels of care and proper nurse procedures. Don’t assume anything about your injury after a stay in a hospital or treatment at a medical clinic. Contact an experienced Portland nursing malpractice lawyer at the Savage Law Firm right away.