Portland Jury Awards Largest Child Sex Abuse Verdict Ever against DHS to Two Victims in Abused in Foster Care

December 28, 2014

The Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) has to pay $4.1 million to two girls for failing to protect them while they were in foster care. This marks the single largest child sex abuse verdict ever handed down against the Oregon DHS.

How the Child Sex Abuse Verdict Came to Be: Details of the Case

The Oregon DHS will have to pay two girls $4.1 million for failing to protect them in foster care. This is the largest child sex abuse verdict against the Oregon DHS ever.

The Oregon DHS will have to pay two girls $4.1 million for failing to protect them in foster care. This is the largest child sex abuse verdict against the Oregon DHS ever.

According to court documents associated with this case, the two victims were 2 and 4 years old when the Oregon DHS handed them over to Kimberly Vollmer for foster care. As the plaintiffs’ attorneys pointed out in this case:

  • Vollmer had a highly questionable if not disturbing record, with a 2005 hospitalization for cutting her arms and face, as well as a history of repeated medical negligence against patients that led to her getting fired.
  • The Oregon DHS employee who had approved Vollmer as a foster parent had failed to run a background check on Vollmer through the Portland Police Bureau’s data system.
  • In addition the fact that the Oregon DHS may have made a bad decision in allowing Vollmer to be a foster parent, it compounded this by letting her have up to 8 children at a time (even though she was only supposed to have three foster children at most).
  • When the girls finally came forward to explain some of the abuse, medical and psychological exams confirmed that the girls had been the victims of physical and sexual abuse.

After the defense rested, it only took the Portland jury three hours to come to the groundbreaking child sex abuse verdict, awarding:

  • $2 million to each victim for her pain and suffering
  • An additional $50,000 for each victim’s recovery needs (such as future counseling for the foreseeable future).

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