Portland Personal Injury Suffered From Common Car Accident

April 1, 2013

Many times in Portland and throughout the United States, drivers get in a hurry and travel too close to the car in front of them. The traffic ahead begins to slow or comes to a stop, and the driver who has been tailgating the vehicle in front cannot stop quickly enough to avoid a rear-end collision car accident. Rear-end collisions have the highest frequency rate and can cause tremendous damage to autos and to individuals.

Road construction and busy Portland roads create added risks for car accidents. Distractions from the radio, passengers, GPS systems and cell phones add to higher rates of car accidents. Rush-hour traffic traveling to and from work creates some of the most risk for rear-end crashes. If you find yourself involved in a crash of any sort, you should enlist the help of Portland Car Accident Attorney, Bill Savage.

Common Personal Injury From Rear-end Collisions

Common personal injuries endured from a rear-end collision can last a few days or a lifetime. Some injuries may not require any medical attention while others will require major medical treatment and rehabilitation. Some injuries include:

•                  Neck

•                  Lower, Middle and Upper Back

•                  Shoulder

•                  Joints

•                  Head

•                  Broken Bones

•                  Whiplash

One of the most common injuries suffered is a hyperextension and flexion injury to the neck, also known as whiplash. Whiplash can be one of the most elusive injuries to diagnose. Most people of a stereotyped view of people who claim to have whiplash and insurance companies are often reluctant to pay for this type of injury. More times than not, the pain from whiplash is somewhat delayed, making diagnosis even more difficult.

Contact a Specialized Portland Personal Injury Lawyer

Savage Law Firm is equipped with tremendous resources in the areas of car accidents and personal injuries. Bill Savage will not allow an insurance company to intimidate his clients, and he will fight for all compensations you are owed from your injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation. We handle all personal injuries with a contingency fee.

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