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Car which was involved in a hit and run accident in Portland.

The Portland hit-and-runs accident attorneys at the Savage Law Firm are effective at helping accident survivors obtain the compensation they deserve.

Although all drivers in Oregon are legally required to stop and exchange information with other motorists when they are involved in motor vehicle accidents, in some cases, the drivers responsible for causing traffic accidents do not stop and, instead, speed off from the scene of the accident. When such hit-and-run accidents occur:

  • The drivers responsible for causing these accidents can face criminal charges (including felony charges if they leave the scene of an accident that results injury or death to others).
  • The accident survivors (including families who may have lost a loved one in a fatal hit-and-run accident) can rely on the Portland hit-and-run accident lawyers at the Savage Law Firm to help them obtain the compensation they deserve.

At the Savage Law Firm, our experienced and trusted lawyers take pride in defending accident victims’ rights and helping them either:

  • Track down the reckless, irresponsible driver who hit them. When this is possible, we are effective at building the strongest possible cases against these reckless drivers.
  • Secure compensation from their own insurers via their uninsured or underinsured auto insurance policies.

After Hit-and-Run Accidents: Beware of Insurers

When drivers who have caused traffic accidents flee the scene and cannot be tracked down, getting compensation from insurance companies is the best option for accident survivors who have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. Despite the fact that drivers generally have this type of auto insurance coverage to protect themselves in the event of a collision, unfortunately:

  • Insurers are NOT looking out for accident victims’ best interests.
  • Insurers are, instead, in the habit of protecting their own profits. This generally means that insurers will do their best to try to undervalue or even possibly deny accident survivors’ legitimate uninsured or underinsured accident claims.
  • As a result, accident victims should NOT count on insurers to pay them the full amount of compensation to which they are entitled.

Given these facts, it’s crucial that hit-and-run accident survivors protect their rights to the full amount of compensation they deserve by working with the attorneys at the Savage Law Firm.

The Trusted Portland Hit-and-Run Accident Lawyers at the Savage Law Firm

Since 1977, the attorneys at the Savage Law Firm have been dedicated to providing each of our clients with personal attention, respect and the highest quality legal services. While this means that we will work diligently to help our clients tell their stories in court, it also means that our attorneys and dedicated staff will aggressively stand up to insurers and others outside of the courtroom to ensure that our clients are able to obtain the settlements they deserve.

At the Savage Law Firm, our clients can always count on us to:

  • Advocate their rights
  • Be available to them when they have questions about their case
  • Be honest with them about the progression of their case
  • Work tirelessly to help them resolve their case as favorably as possible.

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