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January 1, 2013

In the news in Portland, Oregon, you may have heard how one person’s bragging on Facebook provided police with enough incriminating evidence to arrest him after a hit-and-run accident. Thankfully, a couple of friends with a conscience reported their friend’s post to the police. It is unclear if there were any personal injuries involved in this accident.

If you are involved in a hit-and-run accident, you will hopefully have witnesses who can provide evidence that will lead to the arrest of the driver who caused the accident.

It is estimated that over 34,000 people died last year due to motor vehicle accidents, and thousands more were injured.  Injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident are often debilitating, and have life-changing results which can devastate an individual or family financially.

Our Portland attorneys will advise you to never sign an at-fault-driver’s insurance company’s settlement request without seeking legal advice first.  Insurance companies frequently attempt to pressure the injured party to sign a settlement quickly to avoid a larger payout, and do so at the injured party’s expense.

In Oregon, there is a limited time-frame known as the Statute of Limitations in which you can recover damages for injuries caused by a car accident. It is imperative that you file a claim within the proper time-frame to ensure your ability to move forward with a lawsuit.

We will examine your accident report, medical expenses, loss of work, possible witnesses, medical experts, and law enforcement to determine if you have a strong case.  There is no fee to you unless we are successful in recovering damages on your behalf.

Savage Law Firm is committed to your being treated justly and fairly to help you recover not only physically and emotionally, but also to ensure that you are not burdened with financial losses, as well.

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