Late in the evening this past March, a 63-year-old woman was walking along the street near the West Hills area of Portland. She turned to cross the street but never made it to the other side. A car driven by a woman alleged to have been drinking earlier in the night struck the woman and left the scene of the accident. The victim died before first responders could transport her to the hospital.

After two months of pursuing leads, law enforcement has taken one woman into custody for her suspected role in the hit-and-run car accident. She is believed to have been a passenger in the vehicle that March night. Police indicated that information provided by the public led them to make the arrest. The driver still remains at large, but authorities have revealed that they may know her current location.

Police reports said that there were two women in the car, described by witnesses as white and wearing hats of the Portland Timbers, a local soccer team that had held a match earlier that evening. Police also indicated that they had information that the women had been at the Timbers match and were drinking there.

One neighbor of the arrested woman said that she had had somebody recently making repairs to her car. When police took her into custody, they towed away her car, which had front-end damage.

Injuries suffered by a victim in a car accident are always unfortunate, but they are even more so when the driver responsible for the crash was drinking beforehand. Many lives could be saved and many injuries prevented if drivers observed their duty to drive safely and responsibly.

Source:, “Police make arrest in hit-and-run death of Nancy Schoeffler,” May 30, 2012.