ODOT Stops Using Deadly, Possible Defective Guardrails

November 4, 2014

ODOT will no longer use defective guardrails made by Trinity. These defective guardrails can slice through vehicles, posing a deadly threat to motorists.

ODOT will no longer use defective guardrails made by Trinity. These defective guardrails can slice through vehicles, posing a deadly threat to motorists.

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) will no longer be installing a specific type of guardrail along the roadways in the state due to findings that:

  • These guardrails are allegedly defective in that they can slice through vehicles upon collisions.
  • The company responsible for making these allegedly defective guardrails, Trinity Highway Products (based in Texas), changed the design of them back in 2005 and then lied about the safety and efficacy of these guardrails to federal transportation authorities.

With more than 2,500 miles of guardrails installed throughout the state of Oregon, ODOT officials are now scrambling to locate where precisely these defective guardrails have been installed so that they can be replaced as soon as possible.

As ODOT spokesperson Tom Fuller has stated, “we don’t have a timeline on when [the replacement of the defective guardrails] will be done but our maintenance folks are actively doing it now, so it should be soon.”

Details about the Defective Guardrails

According to reports detailing the nature of the issues with the defective guardrails made by Trinity, the specific problem lies in the end treatments of these guardrails:

  • Failing to curl sideways upon the impact of motor vehicles
  • Turning the end treatments into a steel sharp spear-like protrusion
  • Consequently causing the locked up steel to cut through vehicles, severing people’s limbs and even reportedly causing fatal injuries.

While the ET-Plus end treatments are those that have specifically caused the defects linked to these guardrails, all other guardrails and end treatments made by Trinity Highway Products are now coming under intense scrutiny. In Oregon alone, there are reportedly 900 guardrails fitted with Trinity end treatments.

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