Because people are living longer, and finding themselves without the financial means or family willing to take them in, more people are residing in nursing homes than ever before.  Locating a nursing home with a high standard of care can often become a daunting task, and one that should include family members who care about their loved ones.

Overlooked Transportation Errors

When your family member is being transported from any facility to a nursing home, it is imperative for the caretakers to use all safety measures to ensure there are no errors that could harm your loved one. Whether the nursing home patient is being transported from home, a hospital or just to another wing within the facility, careful consideration must be given to the patient’s mobility problems, pain and discomfort in moving.

Types of Transportation Errors in Nursing Homes

To prevent an injury from occurring during the transportation process, safety protocol must be included. Errors that frequently occur during transportation include:

  • Delay in the transfer of a critically ill patient
  • Failure to ensure safety based on patient’s age, mobility and medical issues
  • Errors in medication during the transportation
  • Defective transport medical equipment
  • Prevention of a fall

Seattle Attorneys for Nursing Home Negligence

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