New Study Links Road Rage and Traumatic Brain Injuries

May 11, 2015

People who have experienced at least one traumatic brain injury (TBI) in their lifetime tend to experience far more incidents of road rage when compared to non-brain injured people, a new study has reported.

A new study has linked traumatic brain injuries to road rage, our Portland brain injury attorneys explain. Here’s a look at this study’s findings.

A new study has linked traumatic brain injuries to road rage, our Portland brain injury attorneys explain. Here’s a look at this study’s findings.

This study, which was published in the Accident Analysis and Prevention journal, analyzed the responses of close to 4,000 adults surveyed and specifically defined a TBI or “brain injury” as any impact to the head that caused a loss of consciousness that lasted at least 5 minutes (or resulted in overnight hospitalization).

Researchers’ findings included that motorists with a TBI:

  • Were more likely to experience road rage while driving
  • Were more likely to have threatened violence against another motorist  or passenger
  • Were more likely to have been in a motor vehicle accident that hurt them or people in other vehicles.

Lead Researcher Comments on Study’s Findings

Explaining the findings of this study, Lead Researcher Gabriela Ilie, M.D. stated:

We know already that driver aggression and risk of driving collision are affected by psychiatric factors and substance use, and that this connection is strong, and we know that mental health and substance can be, both, antecedents and consequences of brain injury.

Ilie went on to explain that uncovering a possible link between traumatic brain injuries and road rage can be crucial to:

  • Improving treatments for those with traumatic brain injuries, as rehabilitation therapies may need to start focusing on acclimating people with brain injuries to the task of driving
  • Improving roadway safety, as getting the right treatments and/or support for people with traumatic brain injuries can mean that less volatile and/or enraged motorists are on the roads.

“Perhaps the burden of traffic collisions and road rage could be mitigated if we were mindful of the implications associated with a brain injury,” Ilie concluded.

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