If your doctor misdiagnosed your illness, you can have severe consequences that can cause injury, illness or even death. Many patients are left wondering what they can do after a doctor has failed to diagnose them or misdiagnosed them. If you now suffer from a disability, mandated surgery that would not have been necessary or long-term medical treatments from a doctor’s mistake, you will need to enlist a Portland malpractice attorney from Savage Law.

In addition to consulting with an attorney, you will need to take these steps to ensure you receive the damages you are owed:

  • Obtain medical records for all treatments since the misdiagnosis
  • Write a detailed account of what occurred that includes the dates and the names of all medical personnel involved
  • Keep a daily journal of your medical conditions related to the misdiagnosis
  • Abide by all doctor’s instructions for the proper diagnosis

When you file a claim, you can recover costs associated with the surgeries or additional treatments to help you recover from the misdiagnosis. Many victims of a misdiagnosis realize a full recovery. However, for some delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis, the consequences can be long-term or even deadly for the following:

  • Cancer
  • Meningitis
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke

Help from a Portland Lawyer

The first step you should take after seeking the correct diagnosis is to enlist the help of a Portland lawyer from Savage Law Firm. Our malpractice lawyers will answer the questions you have about your misdiagnosis claim, and we will explore all of your legal options. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation.