August 1, 2012

Oregon residents know that driving on the state’s highways can sometimes be dangerous, particularly in the summer months when many people are en route to vacation destinations. This was borne out this past week when Tillamook County responders were called to not one, not two, but six separate car accidentson county roads on the same day.

The unusual confluence of accidents began in mid-morning when a man who was ultimately charged with DUII and reckless driving drove his pickup truck off the road and rolled it over. The man had to be extracted from his vehicle. Less than an hour later, two vehicles collided at an intersection in Bay City, Oregon.

Not 10 minutes later, another two-vehicle accident was reported in front of the courthouse in downtown Tillamook. One of the two drivers, an elderly woman, was transported to the hospital with undisclosed injuries.

Nearly three hours after that, a former Tillamook County sheriff and his passenger were seriously injured when his car struck a guard rail while passing another vehicle and crossed into opposing traffic, where it struck a motor home. A pickup truck that had been following the motor home then struck the vehicle on the side.

Other less-serious accidents were reported later in the day, and fortunately no serious injuries were reported. The unusual confluence of accidents, on a day without any notable inclement weather or other poor road conditions, should serve as a reminder to all drivers that almost anything can happen on the road in Oregon at any time.

Source: Tillamook Headlight Herald, “Responders called to six motor vehicle accidents in one day,” Aug. 2, 2012


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