Medication Error FAQs for Those Considering Malpractice Lawsuits (Pt. 3)

April 15, 2015

Here’s the conclusion to our blog series Medication Error FAQs for Those Considering Malpractice Lawsuits.

Medication Error FAQs: More Important Answers

Q – Are there time limits for filing medication error lawsuits?

Perhaps, the biggest takeaway from these medication error FAQs is that, if you believe you have a case, it’s time to take action now and contact us.

Perhaps, the biggest takeaway from these medication error FAQs is that, if you believe you have a case, it’s time to take action now and contact us.

A – Yes! This is an important question about medication error cases, as it highlights the need to take action as soon as possible to avoid losing the opportunity to seek justice and compensation in civil court.

While the time limits for filing these cases will vary from state to state:

  • In Oregon, people will have two years to file these cases.
  • In Washington, the time limit (i.e., statute of limitations) is three years.

Here, it’s also crucial to note that these time frames typically start counting down from the date on which a person became aware of his or her injuries.

Q – How long do medication error malpractice lawsuits take to resolve?

A – It depends, but you shouldn’t count on these cases being wrapped up quickly. In fact, when it comes to medical malpractice cases related to allegations of medication errors, here’s what we can tell you:

  • The more complicated a case is, the longer it will generally take to resolve.
  • Who the defendants are in a given case can also impact how long it takes to resolve that case. For instance, if a pharmacy or other corporate entity ends up being named as a defendant, these cases can take much longer to resolve (if the entity is intent on fighting the case).

Q – Do I need an attorney to help me pursue a medication error case?

A – You do if you are determined to have the strongest possible case and to obtain compensation from it. The fact of the matter is that medication error cases can be challenging to build, present and win without an attorney – especially if or when the plaintiffs are left with serious and/or permanent physical or cognitive impairments.

What’s more is that the plaintiffs in these cases typically depend on getting compensation in order to cover the costs of their recovery (to the extent possible). With an experienced medical malpractice attorney on their side, they can be confident that their rights and interests will be protected moving forward and that they will have the best chances of bringing their case to a successful resolution.

Portland Medical Malpractice Lawyers at the Savage Law Firm

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