Medication Error FAQs for Those Considering Malpractice Lawsuits (Pt. 1)

April 10, 2015

While medical malpractice can occur in various ways, medication errors are among the more common and prevalent forms of malpractice, as:

  • Here are some important answers to medication error FAQs. Contact us when you need more specific answers and the best representation in malpractice cases.

    Here are some important answers to medication error FAQs. Contact us when you need more specific answers and the best representation in malpractice cases.

    Multiple medical professionals can be involved in the process of prescribing, distributing and/or administering medications.

  • Consequently, there are many opportunities for mistakes to be made and things to go wrong.

Taking a closer look at this form of medical malpractice, this blog series will answer medication error FAQs that tend to arise when people believe that they have been the targets of medical malpractice.

While the answers provided herein are generally helpful and informative, you can get more specific answers regarding your situation, potential case and best options for moving forward by contacting the trusted Portland medical malpractice lawyers at the Savage Law Firm.

Medication Error FAQs

Q – What is legally considered to be a “medication”?

A – Along with sample, over-the-counter and prescription drugs, other drugs that will qualify as “medications” in the eyes of the law include (but may not be limited to):

  • Vaccines
  • IV solutions
  • Respiratory treatments
  • Blood derivatives
  • Contrast agents (such as those used during MRIs to diagnose certain conditions)
  • Vitamins, herbal remedies and any other product designated as a drug by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Q – What exactly qualifies as a “medication error”?

A – In general, a medication error will be any preventable event in which a problem with the medication given to/received by a patient or consumer ends up harming that individual. While this may seem relatively straightforward in theory, in practice, it can be far more challenging to detect.

In fact, it can take a second or third medical opinion and/or the discerning eye of an experienced medical malpractice lawyer to determine when medication errors may have been made and, consequently, have caused people’s injuries.

You can get some more answers to medication error FAQs in the upcoming parts of this blog series – be sure to check them out.

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