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Cancer isn’t always the death sentence it used to be. Today, many types of cancer can be treated with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, if the disease is diagnosed early enough.

Doctors and oncologists have a full range of diagnostic tests and equipment available to them for the early detection and treatment of cancer. But timely diagnosis begins in your general doctor’s office. Recognizing the symptoms and listening to your concerns are important steps to lead a medical professional or trained specialist to make a proper diagnosis and start your treatment early enough.

If you have cancer and think your doctor or specialist missed the diagnosis or delayed effective treatment that could have prevented further complications, talk to an experienced Seattle medical malpractice attorney at the Savage Law Firm right away. Our trial attorneys work with independent medical experts to investigate the timelines for diagnosis and treatment, as well as the expected treatment options that should have been prescribed.

We Tell the Human Story of What Your Cancer Has Done to You

Behind every cancer story is a human face. When we prepare a lawsuit seeking damages for missed diagnosis or improper treatment, we make sure the jury will hear the human story of what your doctor’s negligence will mean to you and your family. We don’t seek money damages because you had cancer. We seek money damages to compensate you for what you lost because your disease wasn’t diagnosed and treated the way a medical professional should have.

Holding Negligent Physicians and Hospitals Accountable

We hold doctors and cancer specialists accountable for their decisions and inaction that impact your life. Paying a significant insurance settlement or paying a court verdict is often the only way to make doctors stop negligence, or prevent negligence in the future.

For more than three decades, Seattle medical negligence lawyers Bill Savage and Carol Hepburn have strived to obtain fair and just compensation for instances of delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis of many types of cancer, including:

  • Prostate cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Melanoma, skin cancer
  • Lung cancer, mesothelioma
  • Breast cancer
  • Ovarian cancer and cervical cancer

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