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The Savage Law Firm is recognized as one of the Seattle area’s prominent medical malpractice law firms. For more than three decades, we have been helping victims of negligence seek full compensation from the parties liable for their injuries and financial loss.

We are not a personal injury settlement mill. We know how hard it is to fight powerful insurance companies. To prepare a winning case for medical negligence in Seattle requires an in-depth understanding of complex technical and medical issues. That means working with leading independent medical specialists in the region to investigate and prepare the strongest case possible. We have a record of verdicts and settlements that we are proud of.

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Our attorneys represent clients in the Seattle region and throughout western Washington in injury cases resulting from all types of medical malpractice, such as:

    • Surgical errors : It is a surgeon’s responsibility to ensure that every diagnostic test required prior to surgery is conducted correctly and interpreted accurately. An error at any step in the process, from presurgical procedures through instructions and follow-up for post-op recovery, can result in a serious injury.


    • Birth injuries : From improper prenatal care through post-delivery complications, our attorneys have experience representing the families of babies who have suffered birth injuries in Seattle hospitals. We also represent mothers injured during delivery due to errors in surgical procedures, hospital infections or medication mistakes.


    • Failure to diagnose/delayed diagnosis of cancer : If your doctor missed diagnosing the symptoms of cancer on time, it could mean delayed treatment. When we investigate and prepare a medical negligence case for settlement or trial, we look into the complex issues of diagnosis timelines, expected levels of care and proper treatment options.


    • Hospital liability and nursing errors : Hospitals are required to keep their records and procedures in order to ensure that nurses and staff carrying out their daily routines reduce the possibility of errors. If you were injured because of a nurse’s mistake or hospital administrative or procedural error, we are ready to help you protect your rights.


    • Pharmaceutical errors : Being prescribed a dangerous medication or being given the wrong medication in a hospital can result in a serious injury and even death. If you were treated with a medication that caused you illness or injury in a Seattle hospital, talk to us right away.


    • Emergency room errors: When you go into an emergency room, you are entering a medical facility where you have the right to receive a professional medical diagnosis and treatment. An error by an emergency medical technician or emergency room doctor or nurse can result in improper treatment under emergency circumstances. If you failed to receive proper diagnosis or treatment for a stroke, heart attack or other condition leading to serious injury, talk to an experienced Seattle personal injury lawyer at the Savage Law Firm right away.


From our offices in Seattle, we protect the rights of people injured by medical negligence in communities throughout western Washington. Contact us today to talk to an experienced Seattle medical negligence lawyer at the Savage Law Firm.