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Yesterday, Former Subway Pitchman Jared Fogle was sentenced to serve 15 years and 8 months in federal prison by Federal Judge Tanya Walton Pratt.

This is about three years more than federal prosecutors had been requesting – and it’s nearly triple the minimum five-year sentence that Fogle’s team was seeking as part of a plea deal with prosecutors. This sentence is, however, still far less than the 50-year maximum sentence that Fogle could have faced for his sex crimes against children.

According to experts, Fogle will have to serve at least 13 years of this sentence before becoming eligible for parole in 2029. It is unclear at this time where Fogle will serve out his sentence, though his attorneys were pushing for a Colorado prison.

Background on the Case: Fogle’s Sex Crimes against Minors

As we explained last month, Fogle’s sex crimes reportedly included receiving child pornography and engaging in sex with minors on multiple occasions, sometimes even crossing state lines to do so. In fact, the federal investigation into Fogle ultimately revealed that he had:

  • Possessed child pornography in form of both pictures and videos that featured at least 12 different minors – Some of these minors were as young as 13 years old.
  • Knowingly employed a child pornographer, who was running his foundation and producing/distributing child pornography.

As the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of Indiana, explained in an August 2015 report:

[Fogle’s] child pornography crime began when he learned that alleged co-conspirator Russell Taylor was sexually exploiting a 14 year old girl in March 2011. At that time, Mr. Fogle did nothing to stop the abuse or report it to authorities, but chose instead to receive and repeatedly view the child pornography… Mr. Fogle admitted in court pleadings filed today that his actions caused the sexual victimization of a total of 12 minors in Indiana before his co-conspirator’s arrest in April 2015. He preyed on minor victims who did not have the ability to protect themselves.

Arguments Presented by Fogle’s Attorneys during the Sentencing Hearing

During the sentencing hearing, Fogle’s attorneys had attempted to argue for a lesser prison sentence, alleging that:

  • Fogle’s compulsive eating/eating disorder had transformed into some type of hypersexuality when he lost more than 240 pounds on the “Subway” sandwich diet.
  • Fogle was more of a “minor” pedophile because he was attracted to teenagers, rather than smaller children.
  • Fogle had not sexually abused his own children, both of whom are younger than 10 years old.

These arguments presented during the four-hour sentencing hearing – as well as Fogle’s statement and tears apologizing for his crimes – were not ultimately effective at swaying Judge Pratt, however.

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