Across the United States, including Seattle, WA, victims of sex crimes fail to speak up every day. Perpetrators go unpunished and victims are left to suffer in silence. Even worse, other people become victims because the perpetrator will most likely strike again unless he or she is held accountable for their illegal actions. College campuses have become a major site for sex crimes, yet few are ever prosecuted, and administrators are faced with a real problem on how to get sex crime victims to speak up about their assault.

In May of this year, Duke University took actions to enact new sexual assault policies to try to address this wide-spread problem by recommending expulsion of students who are found guilty of a sex crime. In the past, a guilty student was suspended, not expelled. This move appears to be the right thing for a college to do. Supporters of the move show evidence of an increase in the number of victims who have spoken up against their assault to show that students desperately want all colleges to adopt a stringent policy to penalize sex crime perpetrators. However, many disagree siting that many victims will refrain from speaking up to protect the perpetrator because the majority of victims know the perpetrator. Even with the increase in victims who speak out, 95% of all sex crimes are still unreported to any type of authority on college campuses.

Why College Sex Crime Victims Should Speak Up

While many sex crime victims know their perpetrator and fear the consequences he or she will face, the victim is only adding to the trauma by not prosecuting. The person who assaults one person will most likely repeat the offense. Others will suffer from the attack and justice will never be served. While it may be difficult, it’s time for sex crime victims to take speak up and reduce the ability for these offenders to continue on their destructive path.

Seattle, WA Criminal Prosecution Lawyers

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