Today, women have many choices to make in the delivery of their child. Some soon-to-be moms opt to stick with the standard hospital delivery; others choose an at-home delivery, while others decide to deliver in water. A midwife is a trained medical specialist who can assist in the birth of a child to provide support and care during the labor and delivery of the baby and immediately following the delivery. A midwife can work with a delivery doctor in the hospital; or a midwife can work in the home of the expectant mother.

If you decide a midwife is right for you, but you want to deliver in a hospital with a doctor, you must make sure your doctor does not oppose having a midwife present. Most doctors will allow a midwife to assist as long as the midwife mainly communicates with the mom to help reduce the possibility of complications that can occur during the birthing process.

A midwife should allow the expectant mother to experience a shorter labor with less medication; however, there is no guarantee that these results will be realized. A trained and certified midwife can be a great asset, but cannot eliminate the chance of a birth injury. If your child experiences a birth injury, with or without a midwife’s assistance, you may need to file a malpractice suit.

Causes of Birth Injury Malpractice

There are many circumstances that can result in a birth injury, including:

  • Treatment related problems
  • Monitoring issues
  • Surgical problems
  • Medical equipment problem
  • Anesthesia
  • Obstetrics; medicine
  • IV and delivery of blood

Portland Birth Injury Lawyer

A midwife owes her patients the same duty of care as all other medical professionals. If your infant has suffered a birth injury due to a negligent act, you must enlist a Portland birth injury lawyer from Savage Law Firm. You and your child need the monies you are owed to help with the medical expenses that can result from the birth injury. Call today for a free consultation.