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An international working group co-chaired by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection has just rolled out a new initiative to investigate the effects of child sex abuse and enhance recovery services for victims.

As part of this initiative, the group has developed a survey for child sex abuse survivors in order to better “understand the experiences of victims” and “the unique challenges” they face. Although this survey is still being finalized, the hope is that, when it is ready, survivors will agree to participate in at least part of it.

Highlighting the potential impacts of sharing the victimization experience, one child sex abuse survivor has anonymously explained that:

As a victim of this most horrific form of child sexual exploitation, I have felt alone, misunderstood and helpless. It is time for the world to understand child pornography and the unimaginable impacts it has on us, the victims. We need to find our voice to help those who wish to better understand and help us.

The Savage Law Firm is proud to announce that Attorney Carol Hepburn is one of the experts participating in this work group that is focused on helping survivors get support and reclaim their lives. Other experts who make up this group include the COO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, pediatricians, psychologists, attorneys, and other advocates.

Working Group Releases Key Findings about Child Sex Abuse in the U.S.

As this international working group continues to roll out its newest initiative, here are some important findings about child sex abuse in the U.S.1 – and why more needs to be done to stop this abuse and help those who have survived it:

  • At least half of the images and videos of child sex abuse involved extreme abuse and/or assaults.
  • More than 78 percent of the images and videos of child sex abuse involved prepubescent children, younger than 12 years old.
  • As the age of the child victim decreases, the abuse depicted tends to become more explicit, extreme and invasive. Nearly 60 percent of the images and videos depicting infant and toddler victims reportedly involved “explicit sexual activity/assault and extreme sexual assaults against the child.”

As more news about the advocacy group’s survey and ongoing work becomes available, we will report the latest updates to you here in our blog. In the meantime, you can find out more about how to get involved in this group’s admirable work by clicking here.

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At the Savage Law Firm, we understand that no amount of money can ever make up for childhood sexual abuse and exploitation. However, we also know that helping abuse survivors obtain compensation from their abusers and the people who possess images of them can be crucial to helping them obtain:

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  • The financial support they need to focus on their recovery.

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1: According to the January 2016 report, entitled Child Sexual Abuse Images on the Internet, which is based on an analysis of more than a decade of reports made to