Injured Workers’ Rights in Oregon: Your Rights & How to Protect Them (Pt. 1)

March 20, 2015

As a worker in Oregon, you have certain rights – both in terms of having a safe environment to work in and in terms of obtaining compensation after workplace accidents and injuries occur.

Here’s an overview of injured workers’ rights in Oregon. If you’ve been hurt at work and you need help with your financial recovery, contact us.

Here’s an overview of injured workers’ rights in Oregon. If you’ve been hurt at work and you need help with your financial recovery, contact us.

While the Oregon workers’ compensation system has been set up to offer certain protections and support for workers who are injured on the job, it’s also crucial for these workers to understand their rights so they know when:

  • These rights may have been violated by insurance companies and/or others.
  • To stand up and fight back to protect their rights, as well as their claims to benefits.

Taking a closer look at this issue, in this blog series, we will highlight what injured workers’ rights in Oregon are, as well as what people can do to protect these rights. If you or a loved one has suffered a workplace injury, and you need help obtaining the benefits you deserve, contact the trusted Portland work injury lawyers at the Savage Law Firm today. Our attorneys have the skills, experience and resources you can rely on to help you bring your claim to a successful resolution.

An Overview of Injured Workers’ Rights in Oregon

According to the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division (WCD), injured workers’ rights in Oregon generally include the right to:

  • File workers’ compensation claims for occupational illnesses and/or injuries sustained while working
  • Pursue medical treatment for work injuries – However, whether or not you can see your doctor and have this care covered by workers’ compensation insurance will depend on the specific provisions of an employer’s policy (as some may require workers to see physicians in managed care organizations (MCO) selected by employers; others may require people’s doctors to sign MCO contracts first).
  • Go back to work – When you have been approved to do so by an attending physician, you can return to work.
  • Pursue disability benefits – When work injuries are more severe, keeping people out of work for months or longer, these injured workers will have the right to pursue federal disability benefits.
  • Appeal insurance companies’ denials or decisions – When insurance companies make decisions regarding injured workers claims and injured workers disagree with these decisions, they will have the legal right to appeal insurer’s decisions, presenting evidence as to why a different decision should have been made.

    Appeals usually have the best chances of success with the help of an experienced attorney; when successful, they can lead to injured workers obtaining the full amount of benefits that they deserve.

To get some essential info regarding how to protect these rights, be sure to check out the upcoming conclusion to this blog series. It’ll be posted soon.

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