How am I Protected Under the Jones Act?

December 1, 2013

In 1920, the Jones Act, officially called the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, was passed to support the American Merchant Marine and give additional protection to sailors and ship crews. Sailors had very few options for health care if they were injured on the job prior to this law. The Jones Act and the benefits it provides are difficult to interpret, and protected mariners need to consult with a skilled maritime lawyer to file a successful claim. The Savage Law Firm in Seattle, WA has the expertise in this legal area that you need to represent and protect your rights.

Benefits Under the Jones Act

The benefits offered to sailors cover a wide range of health care and legal issues, including:

  • Maintenance and cure for any injury incurred at sea – in laymen’s terms, the employer must pay daily benefits and provide necessary medical care to treat the injury.
  • Sailors are given the option to sue the employer for damages if their injury occurred due to negligent behavior by the owner of the ship or other members of the crew.
  • If the ship is deemed unseaworthy, the injured sailor can collect damages.
  • Surviving family members can file a claim for death benefits if the sailor is killed on the job.

The benefits offered under the Jones Act apply to any active service staff on a Merchant Marine ship that spends a minimum of thirty percent of his or her time aboard the vessel, and can be significantly more than other types of benefits available to land workers if the right maritime lawyer handles your claim.

Maritime Legal Representation in Seattle, WA

Contact Savage Law’s maritime lawyers today to ensure you receive the full benefits available to you. We always offer a free consultation, and we work this type of claim on a contingency basis.

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