September 1, 2012

While a 41-year-old man was staying at an apartment complex for a few months, a towing company towed away his car seven times, for no apparent reason. When he saw a tow truck driver from the same company about to remove his car yet again, he ran out to the parking lot to try and prevent it.

He tried to get the truck driver’s attention by yelling at him and knocking on his window, all to no avail. The driver just went on with the process of getting ready to take the man’s vehicle. As the driver sped out of the parking lot, the truck hit and killed the man.

The accident took place towards the end of July. Recently, his mother and his two children filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the towing company and the apartment complex that hired it to tow cars from the premises.

The family claims that the truck driver callously drove away, leaving their loved one to die in the street. They allege that the truck driver was concerned about whether hitting the man had damaged his vehicle — the driver did slow down to try to determine how bad the damage was — but never bothered to stop and render assistance to the fatally injured victim. The family and friends of the deceased were shocked and outraged by the driver’s actions, according to court documents.

The family is asking for punitive damages from the defendants, based on the extremely egregious nature of the driver’s attitude as evidenced by his speeding off and leaving a bruised, battered, and bleeding dying man lying on the ground.

Source: Courthouse News Service, “Inexcusable, Grieving Family Tells Towing Firm,” David Lee, Sept. 10, 2012

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