Did ODOT Cut Corners, Increase Risk of Accidents with 217 Ramp in Tigard?

June 6, 2014

The steep, curvy, highly trafficked ramp that connects the northbound Interstate 5 to Oregon 217 has been the site of many motor vehicle accidents within the past few months, leading some to question whether the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) may have cut corners in constructing this junction.

As more and more motor vehicle accidents occur on the 217 ramp in Tigard, some are alleging that ODOT cut corners in the construction of this dangerous roadway.

As more and more motor vehicle accidents occur on the 217 ramp in Tigard, some are alleging that ODOT cut corners in the construction of this dangerous roadway.

In fact, according to various safety and inspection records obtained by The Oregonian, the ramp (often referred to as the Tigard “flyover”) has:

  • Developed a number of moderate to large cracks
  • Been shifting apart at the deck seam since it first was open to the public in 2001
  • Been found to possibly have a faulty joint that could lead vehicle’s tires to hit the joint in a dangerous way, resulting in a significantly increased risk of tire blowouts and/or the loss of control over vehicles.

Within May 2014 alone, more than 12 motor vehicle accidents have reportedly occurred on this dangerous ramp. With the growing number of accidents taking place on this dangerous roadway, there have been talks that some of the accident victims may be gearing up to file a lawsuit against ODOT for failing to take adequate measures to safely construct this ramp.

ODOT Received Bonus for Finishing Ramp Construction Early

What has possibly complicated this contentious issue, as well as inspired the ire of many commuters, is finding out that a more than $500,000 bonus was awarded to the contractor for finishing the construction of the ramp about two months early.

Compounding this is the fact that, in December 2002, ODOT, which had won the contract to oversee the construction of this dangerous ramp, was actually given an award from the Federal Highway Administration for effectively “prevent[ing] millions of dollars in added costs from accruing” and shaving “years of construction delays off the project.”

The significant financial bonus and the FHA award now seem to be a very poor choice, given the serious problems that are allegedly leading to such a large number of motor vehicle accidents on this ramp.

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