Dangers of Driving While Upset (DWU)

October 1, 2013

Oregon drivers need to recognize that getting behind the wheel when angry is often a recipe for disaster.  If at all possible, make it a point to never drive when you are under emotional duress.  Statistics show that being angry and upset causes a high percentage of motor vehicle accidents due to reckless driving.  This is simply because you cannot focus on the task at hand while focused on your emotions, and the reasons you are upset.

How tragic to think that allowing emotions to dictate the way we handle ourselves while driving, we could cause an accident; possibly a fatality.

Being emotionally upset also increases the risk for “road rage,” an additional cause of fatal accidents.  Learning to accept responsibility for your actions, and practicing self-control in the worst of circumstances plays a major role in not only your own safety, but the safety of others. DWU can have devastating effects on your life, your family’s lives, and other victims involved in the accident.

Controlled Emotions Can Prevent Motor Vehicle Accidents

It’s vitally important to remember that you cannot control the actions or reactions of others, but you can control your own actions and reactions.  Your own actions do affect others, and you never know when you might be dealing with a person that does not practice self-control, which could lead to a tragic outcome.

Practicing the art of remaining calm by taking some deep, slow breaths while reminding yourself, “this situation is temporary, and the way I respond to it is what is important,” can save many lives; possibly your own, and the lives of the people you love the most.

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