Children are the Future, Treat Them Properly

January 1, 2014

Our children often suffer from illnesses or injuries that are either not properly diagnosed or misdiagnosed by physicians and other medical personnel.  Sometimes this is simply because medical personnel are inclined to dismiss or ignore a child’s physical complaints deeming them to be overly dramatic or even non-existent, but an effort to gain attention.

Other newborn and childhood injuries occur due to human errors on the part of physicians and medical staff, and all too often result in devastating and life-changing injuries that not only harm and threaten the lives of the children involved, but also forever change the quality of life for the entire family.  These damages extend beyond the financial issues by burdening the family with taking care of a child for the rest of their lives, and robbing the child and their family of the events that would have occurred, such as going off to college, careers, marriage, children, grandchildren, etc., if the injury had not been inflicted.

Types of Medical Malpractice Issues

Recent studies indicate medical malpractice payment percentages:

  • 28% are related to a diagnosis
  • 22% treatment
  • 10%  surgery
  • 28% obstetrics
  • 3% anesthesia
  • 6% medication errors
  • 9% delayed diagnosis
  • 18% failure to diagnose

Portland Medical Malpractice Representation

Savage Law Firm has a team of compassionate and highly respected medical malpractice experts in Portland available to counsel you regarding injuries your child suffered due to being improperly treated by medical healthcare providers.

Contact Savage Lawyers today for a free consultation to discuss your legal options, and to ensure that you and your family receive the compensation you deserve.

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