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Top 10 OSHA Violations Committed by U.S. Employers in 2015

Every U.S. worker has the right to a safe work environment, free from risks that could cause workplace accidents and injuries. That is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is dedicated to enforcing workplace safety regulations and penalizing the employers who fail to abide by them. OSHA also reports on the violations [...]

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At Least 110 Workers Hospitalized for Heat Illnesses So Far this Summer, OSHA Reports

Excessive exposure to heat has caused more than 110 workers in the U.S. to require emergency medical treatment and hospitalization so far this summer, officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have reported. Heat illnesses, including heat exhaustion and heat stroke, reportedly harm thousands of American workers each year, even causing fatal injuries [...]

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Injured Workers’ Rights in Oregon: Your Rights & How to Protect Them

As a worker in Oregon, you have certain rights – both in terms of having a safe environment to work in and in terms of obtaining compensation after workplace accidents and injuries occur. While the Oregon workers’ compensation system has been set up to offer certain protections and support for workers who are injured [...]

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New Report Reveals Interesting Trends in 2013 Oregon Work Injuries

The 2013 Oregon Occupational Injury and Illness Survey was released by the Department of Consumer and Business Services last week, and what it reveals about the incidence of workplace injuries in the private sector in Oregon during 2013 is interesting. In particular, this survey found that, in 2013, the rate of work injuries in the [...]

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