The Portland electrocution injury attorneys at the Savage Law Firm will aggressively defend injured peoples’ rights to compensation.

The Portland electrocution injury attorneys at the Savage Law Firm will aggressively defend injured peoples’ rights to compensation.


While toddlers and adolescents are the most commonly reported victims of electrocution injuries, the American Burn Association (ABA) reports that electrocutions injure more than 3,000 people and kill about 1,000 others each year in the U.S.

These injuries can occur anywhere – outside under power lines, within a person’s home or even when a person is working, and when electrocutions are caused even in part by some party’s negligence, that party will generally be responsible for compensating injured people for their medical bills, mental anguish and other losses.

At the Savage Law Firm, our Portland electrocution injuries attorneys are here for accident survivors, we are committed to defending their rights, and we will work tirelessly to help them obtain the justice they need and the compensation they deserve. We will not rest until each of our clients is able to obtain the best possible outcome to their case.

Electrocution Injuries: Causes and Complications

While any number of factors can contribute to people suffering electrocution injuries, some of the most common in which negligence is generally a factor include (but are not limited to):

  • Defective and/or dangerously designed home appliances
  • Defective or poorly maintained power tools or heavy machinery
  • Poorly wired and/or insulated structures
  • Poorly maintained power sources
  • Poorly maintained power lines.

When such negligence plays a role in causing an electrocution, the results can be severe and potentially deadly for the accident victim. Some of the most common complications associated with electrocutions include (but are not limited to):

  • Severe burns
  • Irreversible nerve damage
  • Brain injuries
  • Heart injuries
  • Injuries to other internal organs
  • Internal hemorrhaging.

Who Is to Blame for Electrocutions?

After an electrocution, the injured person will likely be left picking up the pieces and may need to undergo extensive medical treatments in order to recover. This is when our Portland electrocution injuries lawyers can be crucial, as we are skilled at determining when negligence may have caused these injuries and, if so, who is to blame.

Although the at-fault party will depend on the circumstances of an individual accident, in general, parties that are commonly found to be negligent in these accidents include (but are not limited to):

  • Property owners
  • Appliance manufacturers
  • Cities, counties or other parties responsible for power line construction and/or maintenance
  • Construction companies (if the electrocution injury is sustained at a construction site).

Portland Electrocution Injury Lawyers at the Savage Law Firm

For more than three decades, the Portland electrocution injury attorneys at the Savage Law Firm have been devoted to advocating injured people’s rights and providing them with the highest quality legal services. When survivors of electrocutions – or families who have lost a loved one to a fatal electrocution injury – choose to work with us, they can trust that we will:

  • Build them the strongest possible cases
  • Help tell their stories in court
  • Aggressively stand up to insurers and others outside of the courtroom
  • Help them obtain the settlements they deserve. 

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