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Cerebral hypoxia is lack of oxygen flow to the brain. The brain needs a constant supply of oxygen in order for it to function. When people do not get enough oxygen, they can suffer a wide range of injuries, including brain damage and even death.

Cerebral hypoxia can be caused by a wide range of circumstances, including smoke inhalation and strangulation. Hypoxia often occurs in childbirth, and it is a leading cause of cerebral palsy and other birth injuries. When cerebral hypoxia is the result of negligence on the part of a doctor or other medical professional, victims and their family members may pursue compensation for their losses.

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Cerebral Hypoxia and Birth Injuries

In the course of a delivery, if the baby becomes lodged in the birth canal, or strangled by the umbilical cord, the flow of oxygen may be cut off to the baby. In such a situation, obstetricians must take immediate action. Oftentimes, delivering the baby by C-section is required to avoid the dangers of cerebral hypoxia. A delay in ordering the C-section can have life-changing implications for the child.

If your baby’s life has been changed due to cerebral hypoxia, we understand the hardships you and your family face. Our attorneys can help you pursue the compensation you need to help your family financially and hold the responsible parties responsible.

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