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Midwives offer care to women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. The overwhelming majority of midwives perform their duties with skill and professionalism, and offer a valuable service to families who favor a natural birth. However, a single mistake by a negligent or inadequately trained midwife can result in tragedy.

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Before hiring a midwife, confirm that the midwife or birthing center has medical malpractice insurance. Midwifes are not bound to the same professional and educational standards as obstetricians, so it is important they are bound to legal standards to ensure they are accountable for the services they provide.

Midwife Negligence and Birth Injuries

Birth injuries can occur when a midwife fails to consider the complexity of a birth situation. For instance, if a birth complication makes a C-section the safest option, but the midwife favors a vaginal birth or does not refer the patient to a qualified obstetrician, both the baby and mother are put at risk.

Midwife malpractice can lead to a wide range of birth injuries, including:

Our attorneys understand the physical, emotional and financial toll that can result from midwife malpractice. We thoroughly investigate every case, to determine the cause of the birth injury and to identify liable parties, including midwives, doctors, hospitals and other medical professionals.

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