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Breech birth refers to a baby’s position in the womb, specifically describing when babies are positioned with the buttocks or feet downwards instead of their head downwards. When babies are breeched during the birthing process, the risk of complications and birth injuries increases significantly. Although there are some things that medical professionals can do to try to properly position the baby before birth or to try to safely deliver breeched babies, if medical professionals don’t do these things and breeched babies suffer birth injuries:

  • Mothers, babies and their families will likely be entitled to compensation to cover the costs of birth injury treatments, as well as any longer term treatments necessary to help the baby recover.
  • The Portland birth injury attorneys at the Savage Law Firm will be there for these families and can help them recover the highest possible birth injury settlements so they can focus on their newborn’s recovery and future.

When Babies Are Most Likely to Be Breeched

Although any baby can be breeched in the womb, this birth complication is most likely to occur when a mother:

  • Is pregnant with multiple babies
  • Has a history of premature birth
  • Has an abnormally shaped uterus or fibroids (or other abnormal growths) in her uterus
  • Has placenta previa (a condition in which the placenta is positioned low in the uterus and partially or fully covers the cervix).

According to medical professionals, about 90 percent of babies who are breeched before 28 weeks will turn around and position themselves properly by 37 weeks; however, approximately 90 percent of babies who remain breeched after 37 weeks will generally stay that way.

Birth Injuries Associated with Breeched Births

For many breeched babies, a C-section will need to be performed to deliver the baby, as it will minimize the chances that:

  • Babies will get stuck in the birth canal.
  • Babies’ oxygen supplies will be cut off (when this happens, there is a high risk of brain damage and babies being born with cerebral palsy).
  • The umbilical cord will prolapse (wrap around the babies’ necks and cut off their oxygen supply).

It’s important to point out, however, that:

  • There are a number of considerations that medical professionals must take into account when deciding how to deliver a breeched baby.
  • If mothers or babies start showing signs of distress, an emergency C-section will likely have to be performed.
  • If medical professionals fail to recognize signs of distress during breeched births – or fail to properly respond to them, the risk of serious birth injuries increases dramatically.
  • When breech birth complications result in birth injuries, the Portland birth injury attorneys at the Savage Law Firm will be ready to hold negligent parties responsible for injuring babies and to defend families’ rights to compensation.

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